See caption on your left.

The man behind the blog post

By now you know my name is Devon and if you read the short caption on the left you know my favorite things in life. I have been working as a software developer for 3 years now. I write primarily Java and Angular at work but I have been spending my mornings before work learning Go. I have been practicing yoga for just over 2 years and I have my wife to thank for getting me into it. I enjoy two cups of coffee a day and my preferred brewing method is pour over. My local coffee shop introduced me to this method and I haven’t looked back (shoutout to The Clay Cup in Altoona). Meditation is the newest addition to my list of favorite things. I have been practicing 20 minutes of meditation a day for the last 102 days.

Why Hugo?

I’m sure a lot of you are wondering why I made a site with Hugo…and by a lot of you I mean nobody because I’ve never written a blog post before. Here is a short list of why I am choosing Hugo because if you have made it this far I’m sure you are just dying to know.

  • It is written in Go and I can’t get enough of that Gopher.
  • I get to use a theme which means I don’t have to write any CSS.
  • It was recommended by a co-worker. Check out his blog here.
  • Even if I don’t stick with writing blog posts, this is better than my old website.
  • Markdown is pretty cool I guess.